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Saturday, August 20, 2016

7 Best Ways to Make Money Online

Making money online is a very hot topic in these days. Many people especially students are searching to explore the online making money methods because it has many advantages like you can do as part time with your job and study, without any boss and you can do without any investment. To make money online is not very difficult, but required patience and a little hard work. If you believe that it is not an easy and fast way for money, I agree with you, but if you work with patience and consistency then can achieve your goal. Now a question arises, how to select the best way for online earning. This depends on you, in which field you are skillful. If you are a good designer, you can sell logos, banners, wallpapers and other thing. In this post, I want to discuss a few ways, about online earning, which are more reliable and easier.

Best Ways to Make Money Online

7 Best Ways to Make Money Online

Make money online with blogging.

If you are a good writer then you can make a blog and write posts any topic in which you have deep knowledge. Write helpful articles for your readers, once you make audiences for your blog, then you earn via displaying advisement like Google AdSense, Infolink and so on. To earn money from a blog required some time and hard work, you can’t make rich in a few days, but work with consistency and patience then you can do anything. Their many blogs, you can see them, which are earning smart money from their blogs.

Make money online with affiliate marketing.

This another best way to earn online. There are many companies which are selling certain products, these companies also give opportunities to people, sell their products and get a good percentage. Simply create an account in the affiliate marketing website and get a link which called affiliate link for particular products and sends people through this link, when someone purchase through your link, they will add your percentage in your account, which you can withdraw through PayPal, payza or Payoneer. Now you are thinking how to send people through an affiliate link, there certain techniques to send customer, put the affiliate link on your blog, if you have, or share on social media, create an ad on Facebook or Google. Which helps you to increase your earning. There many websites for affiliate marketing but I recommend below.

Make money online through creating videos.

This is possible to earn money from your videos. Major videos sharing websites like YouTube and Dailymotion offer for people to earn money from through their videos, but these videos must be your own and you must be its full copyright holder. YouTube launched a program which called YouTube partnership, through this program you can earn money from the videos. Once you get the YouTube partnership then you can thousands of dollars each month, for YouTube partnership you need to upload only those videos which create by yourself. Uploading videos on YouTube also help to increase your blog traffic as well,


This is truly best to make money online. There many websites like,, which have people, who are looking for guys to do their work and they obviously pay for them. To work as a freelancer, you must skillful any particular field like you are a skillful writer then people will offer to write articles for their websites or you a good web designer, SEO expert, marketer and many other fields then you can do work here. To join the freelancing website you will need to clear a test. Once you successful in test then you will able to work here. Many people are earning thousands of dollars work on freelancing websites.

Make money online with PTC sites

If you don’t have any skill and want to earn money online. No worries, you can do this job by joining PTC websites. There are many popular PTC site, you earn money through these sites, simply create an account like other sites and. View its advertisement daily and they will pay per click but this way you can earn only a few cents per day, I think it’s not enough for you, but no worry, you can increase your daily earning by referring your friends and other people. If someone joins this through your referral link and start work, you will get 50% each referral.

Make money online by teaching

You can also make money by teaching. Teach to people about web design, graphic design, search engine optimization and other essential courses online or offline. You just need to create video tutorials and some videos publish on YouTube and other video sharing websites and demand for people to buy their full courses If your demo videos attract the people they obviously buy your full course from you. Besides this, there many websites who are searching for people who can teach to their students and they obviously paid you good salary. In below some good sites to find a teaching related job.

Selling domain and web hosting

This another way to make money online to sell domains and web hosting, you can establish a web hosting company, but you will need some investment to do this. You can also earn through domain and web hosting affiliate marketing. There many companies which give this opportunity like, simply create an account, get affiliate links and invite people through this link, If someone buy here domain or web hosting they would pay you up to 30%. In the below I want to share with you some best hosting companies which are more reliable.


In this post, I tried to share with you some best ways to make money online which are most reliable and widely used. To make money online you also required some caution because there are more scam sites and companies which hunting the people and they don’t give them anything. They attract the people through local newspapers and social media. So, always aware of these kind people. If you truly want to make money online, then adopt from above methods which don’t require any advisement.


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